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Panama City is One of the Top Golf Towns in the U.S.

The serene landscape of Panama City Beach, Florida is one of the most versatile vacation destinations in North America. It is also one of the top golf towns in the US.

With temperature highs of 89 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 74 from May to September, Panama City Beach is a sublime summertime travel destination for a plethora of travel types. Whether you come for sports or leisure, Panama City Beach has something for you. This article will outline some go-to golf courses that you play around when visiting Panama City Beach.

Overview shot of Signal Hill Golf Course in Panama City Beach, FL

Signal Hill Golf Course

Signal Hill Golf Course is a beautiful golf course with a rich history in the Florida area, and abundant with natural beauty. It is one of the oldest courses in Florida. Since the course is quite flat, with minimal bunkers to contend with, it is ideal for beginner and relatively novice golfers.

The helpful and informative staff at Signal Hill Golf Course will also make sure that you will all the supplies that you need for your game. The golf course is perfect for a large group of golfers or for people curious to try out golfing for the first time. The Signal Hill Golf Course is a safe bet for a good time golfing in Panama City Beach.

Camp Golf Creek

Camp Golf Creek is also a great course to attend in the area. With its course vary in length and terrain, it is great for the more experienced golfers to try out. If it is not the bunkers that complicate your golfing experience then it will be the heavy roughs that will make it next to impossible to maintain par if you get yourself in trouble.

Overall, this course is one of the more expert-minded golfing locales in the area. But if you know the game, Golf Creek may stand as the best golf in Panama City Beach.

Sunset over Hombre Golf Course in Panama City, FL

The Meadows

The Meadows Course has that classic Florida layout, designed by master golf architect, Willard Byrd. The course weaves through oaks and pines of the bay point resort with a plethora of inconvenient bunkers and man-made ponds to keep even the best golfers on their feet. Even if you’re not having the greatest round that day, the scenery alone should enough to suffice. With the environment that engulfs the surroundings of the course, the Meadows Course is a definite must for all visitors to the region.

Nicholas Bay

The Nicholas Bay golf course is the only one of its particular unique design in Panama City, Florida. Set on the backdrop of a wildlife reserve, its absolutely picturesque scene of wildlife, wetlands, and bays make it a fascinating golf course to traverse. There is so much more than just golfing to take away from this course. It is highly recommended that you walk the course, if you can, to really soak in everything that Nicholas Bay has to offer. For views alone, it stands front-and-center amongst all the Panama City golf courses.

Golfing really is at a premium when it comes to Panama City Beach, Florida. Whether or not you consider yourself an expert golfer, you really owe it to yourself and your travel companions the chance to enjoy the courses near our Panama City Beach vacation rentals. You cannot truly enjoy all that there is to offer in Panama City Beach without making at stop at any of these golf courses.