Dunes of Panama Building E

Building E is managed by the Dunes of Panama Management Association, Inc., which is located in C building.Built in 1985, Building E has 120 units in total and 21 floors (no 13th floor), with 6 units on each floor. Building E also has 6 ground commercial units, E1 – E6. Suds Weezers is located in E1, the Fitness room is located in E3, the E Lounge – a small meeting room available for rental – see C office – is located in E4, and E2, E5, and E6 are Private.

  • 202-2105 Units: 2 Bedroom Standard – Sq Ft 1050 – Exterior Private balcony Sq Ft 120
  • 203-2104 Units: 2 Bedroom Large – Sq Ft 1375 – Exterior Private balcony Sq Ft 120 with access from the living room and master bedroom
  • 201-2106 Units: 3 Bedroom – Interior Sq Ft 1950 – Exterior Private balcony with access from the living room and all three bedrooms, total balcony Sq Ft 485

*NOTE: some units have extra sleeping capability for rental purposes and are advertised as 2 or 3 bedroom Extra

The exterior of Building E has a Large Letter E to identify the building.
– E building houses Suds Weezers and the Fitness room on the ground floor