Dolphin Tours in Panama City

panama city beach dolphin tour

Dolphin Tours: One of the Top-Rated Activities in Panama City Beach

There is no shortage of things to do when you spend your next vacation at Panama City Beach, FL! As you would expect, nearly 30 miles of white-sand beaches and the irresistible blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico provide plenty of activities: swimming, sunbathing, fishing, kayaking, surfing, jet skiing and so much more.

Not to mention shops and dining establishments, there are plenty of Panama City Beach things to do even when you don’t count many of the other attractions, such as two state parks that offer hiking, bird watching, cycling and paddle-boating; a waterpark; and a diving museum.

Dolphin tours remain one of the most sought-after and enjoyable activities offered at this waterfront town. Listed below are some of the guided dolphin tours available from several vendors in this part of northwest Florida.

Dolphin and Snorkel Tours

Dolphin sightings guaranteed!

Dolphin and Snorkel Tours in Panama Beach City will take you miles out of the way to make sure you see what you came out to see…and if you don’t see a dolphin, you get to come back for as many complementary tours it takes for you to make your encounter!

This tour company is located closest to the marina where dolphins are most commonly seen. Though not advertised as a swim tour, you will have the chance to get into the water with the dolphins when possible. Dolphin and Snorkel Tours, however, does not interfere with the natural habits of the dolphins and interaction with them is not forced.

Private and group tours available.

panama city beach dolphin tour

Blue Dolphin Tours

Small tours (only six passengers at a time) make Blue Dolphin Tours a prime choice if you don’t want to go out with a crowd. A small group, introduced to the water before the dolphins arrive, won’t make as much disruption as a larger number of snorkelers, so the dolphins won’t be scared away or tend to avoid the area.

The tour takes you on the Gulf side of Shell Island, where dolphins are commonly found. You will be instructed on the ways in which to interact with these bottle-nosed dolphins as well as learn about the laws pertaining to human contact with dolphins.

This is an interactive and learning experience you and your family will never forget.

Flippers Dolphin Tours & Boat Rentals

Offering both boat and jet ski dolphin tours, Flippers makes this a completely unforgettable experience.

The well-versed captain of your boat tour is highly knowledge about the dolphins indigenous to this area and you’ll learn plenty of facts as the tour unfolds. When it comes time to swim with these magnificent creatures, you’ll be provided with snorkel gear and assisted on the swim ladder as you descend into the dolphin-infested waters.

Can you imagine more enjoyable Panama Beach activities than the moment you come into personal contact with a wild dolphin?

Jet ski tours take you up close and personal to the dolphins as well. Knowledgeable tour guides and the chance to swim with the dolphins are offered on this tour as well.

jet ski tours panama city beach

Wild Dolphin Tours

Take a two- or three-hour boat ride and meet the dolphins on a tour directed by Wild Dolphin Tours.

Each boat offers stereo with Ipod/Bluetooth capabilities and seats six in a U-shaped area that provides great, unobstructed views. Grab a cold water from the cooler provided and watch the dolphins swim nearby.

Of course you’ll have the chance to slip into the water with the dolphins; snorkel gear and even swim noodles and shelling nets are provided.
Shell Island Dolphin Tours

Jet ski and boat tours to meet the region’s bottlenose dolphin are provided by Shell Island Dolphin Tours.

The jet ski is a generous 20+ mile trip on 3-passenger jet skis (a child with two adults). The boat ride is two hours and provides personal encounters with these inquisitive and alluring creatures.

Tours start at 8:00 a.m. and the last departs at 5:15 p.m.