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PANAMA CITY BEACH: Panama City, Panama or Panama City, Florida?

If you’ve ever gotten confused about Panama City, Panama, and Panama City, Florida, you’re not alone. While both include the name Panama, they are miles apart – literally. So, what’s the difference?

While Panama City, Panama is an ocean city and Panama City, Florida is technically inland (located on the Florida panhandle), Dunes of Panama Vacation Rentals is actually located in Panama City Beach across the bay on the Highway 98 bridge, just 10 miles from the center of Panama City.

This isn’t just a geography lesson, we’re sharing a bit of interesting “Panama” history, as well!

overview shot of Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

Where is Panama? Panama City, Panama is in Central America – not the U.S. Panama is a country bordered by Costa Rica and Columbia, linking Central and South America. The country was founded in 1519 by Spanish conquistador Pedro Arias Dávila. Panama City is first and foremost a port town for fishing and ships. Routes even run directly from Chicago to Central America.

Central America is the southernmost part of the North American continent. Panama City is the largest city in Panama. It began to take off economically with the construction of the Panama Canal. Construction of the canal brought upon vast improvements in public health and sanitation, with the influx of Americans coming to the city.

Today, Panama City is a banking center in Central America and is still very much a port town for the Caribbean. These economic centerpieces laid at the foundation of Panama City’s rise to relevancy are still in place to this day.

If you’re coming to visit Panama City, you are coming to the beach. There are a plethora of beaches one can visit. Whether you are looking just to relax, or to do some surfing, there is something for everyone to do on your trip.

Top attractions include Taboga Island and Punta Chame. Taboga is quite a popular beach among locals as it is only twenty minutes away from the Amador Causeway. Isla Grande is not only a fantastic beach but a great place to chow down on lobster and ice fruit juices. Finally, Contadora Island is one of the more upscale beaches in the famous city, with boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants. Its absence of many roads and cars make it ideal for tourists.

Overview shot of Panama City, Florida

Panama City, Florida

Panama City, Florida is located along route 98 and is the largest city between Tallahassee and Pensacola. Panama City was previously named Floriopolis and then changed to Panama City by George Mortimer as an attempt to increase real estate value during the time of the construction of the Panama Canal.

It also was the closest development port between the US Mainland and the Caribbean in regards to the Panama Canal. As one can see, both Panama City and Panama City Beach came to economic relevance during the creation of the Panama Canal.

Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach, Florida

So Where is Panama City Beach?

Panama City Beach, first and foremost, is a Florida resort town. This makes it a haven for spring break vacations for families with its proximity to southern states and Midwest America. The MTV show Floribama Shore was shot in this area, so chances are you can expect many visitors to be coming for a good time. The Panama City Beach live cam is a great introduction to the area.

Where is Panama City Beach located? It is located in the panhandle of Florida, by Pensacola.

Panama City Beach, Florida has also witnessed a rollercoaster ride in terms of realty economics. Throughout the mid-2000s, many were pining for the pristine beaches and spring break lifestyles year-round. This became so popular that some properties were retailing for sixty thousand dollars a linear foot.

Is Panama City the same as Panama City Beach? Not exactly. Panama City, Florida is the city proper, but if you head towards the beach, you enter the beachside or Panama City Beach.

For tourists, St. Andrews Park is the place to go. Offering two and a half miles of beach, cycling, fishing, and kayaking, how can you go wrong?

Camp Helen State Park is a unique area to partake in coastal dunes and salt marshes and is a favorite beach among locals from the area. Exhibiting both fresh and saltwater, it contains an abundance of different fish to fish for.

We hope our distinction helped clear some confusion! They are very different despite the same name! So when you think “Panama City, Florida” think about coming to Panama City BEACH! See you soon…