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The Best Panama City Beach Helicopter Tours

Possibly the best way to see Panama City Beach, FL, is by the air, soaring over the golden gulf. Below we cover the best Panama City Beach helicopter rides.

Aerial shot from helicopter tour in Panama City Beach

Panhandle Helicopter

As a family-owned business, the Panhandle Helicopter company is first and foremost concerned with safety and enjoyment for all of its guests. With tours that range from an architecture focused romp over downtown, to covering all of the beaches and wildlife in the area, there’s plenty for all. There is a bunch of different styles of helicopter tours one can do in the area.

Tour Types

Why do helicopters fly over Panama City Beach? Because the scenery is epic and varied. There are so many different types of terrain to see (and wildlife to spot).

The Panhandle Helicopter Company

The Panhandle Helicopter Company offers a wide variety of tours to accommodate whatever travel style suits you and your crew best. The Intro Ride, five miles at forty dollars a person, is ideal for first-time helicopter riders. This tour takes you over the emerald coast water from Panama City pier to the county pier and then all the way back.

Miracle Strip Panama City Beach Helicopter Tours

Miracle Strip Panama City Beach Helicopter Tours cover about ten miles and are around $55 a person. This tour takes you along the beach and allows you to see city and county piers. It also includes shipwreck waterpark sightings as well as an overhead view of all the hotels and beaches in the area.

On this aerial tour, it is common to see stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins and many other types of aquatic life. If you want to see the wide variety of wildlife and animals from the area, this is the ideal tour for you.

The Shark Run Tour

The Shark Run Tour is the most popular tour offered by the Panhandle Helicopter company. For those looking to see sharks from a safe distance, this is the perfect helicopter tour for you. With a wide variety of hammerhead and bull sharks that one can see on this tour, it is definitely the best way to see all of the shark species in Florida. It is around $80 per person and covers over sixteen miles. For many, it is the best thirteen minutes you will spend in the air.

The Run to the Pass Tour

The Run to the Pass Tour is a twenty-two-mile trip to the jetties. On this trip, there are plenty of types of marine life along the entire coastline from Pier Park to St. Andrews State Park. The trip is about 15 minutes.

The Shell Island Tour

The Shell Island Tour is a twenty-eight-mile tour of the emerald coast. On this tour, there is a plethora of marine creatures, as well as historic shipwrecks and man-made reefs, that make for an interesting viewing experience of marine life. At $125 a person for twenty-eight miles of travel, it is the best way to obtain a complete experience of Panama City Beach.

The Seaside Tour

The Seaside Tour benefits tourists staying in the seaside and 30A area. If you enjoy looking at architecture, then this tour is right for you. The tour takes you across the districts of Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, Alys Beach, Seagrove Beach and Seaside which is close to rolling dunes and lake that last the duration of the trip.

Shell Island & Breakfast Point Trip

Lastly, and the company favorite, is the shell island/breakfast point trip. At thirty-six miles in total length and around $150 a person, it is a great way to view the Miracle Strip, Run to Pass, Shell Island, and the Grand Lagoon.

If you’re not sure of which trip to take while visiting Panama City Beach, simply ask!

If you’re looking to really explore the land when you are visiting Panama City Beach Florida, it is recommended that you take a helicopter trip with the fine folks of the Panhandle Helicopter company. This is a family company that will make sure your trip with them fits all of your wants and needs. From aerial viewings of ancient architecture, shipwrecks, marine life, and serene vistas, there is a wide variety of trips to choose from.

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