Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach

Looking for a travel destination that’s fun for the whole family this fall? Look no further than Panama City Beach. With temperatures hovering around a high of 89 degrees and lows of 74 from May to September, Panama City Beach is a sublime summertime travel destination for all sorts of adventures from golfing to beaches. Panama City Beach has something for everyone.

A must-stop destination, however, is Gulf World Marine Park, one of the top parks in Panama City Beach. From shark feeding to sea lion and dolphin shows, there is something for everyone to see.

Close up of sea lion at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City, FL

Overview of the Exhibits

The Gulf World Marine has daily shows and exhibit come rain or shine. Since being home to bottlenose dolphin, harbor seals, African penguins, stingrays, and a rough-toothed dolphin, there is a multitude of interactive exhibits for you and your whole family to experience at the park. It is suggested that guests pick up the VIP package so they can view all of the exhibits in one visit.

The bottlenose dolphin show will leave you at a loss for words. From a wide array or flips leap and twists, the Gulf World swim with dolphin show is a must-see for everyone coming to the Gulf World Marine. Many of the dolphins have either been born at the Marine or rescued and brought to the Marine which makes it be a very heartwarming and rewarding experience.

The sea lion and rough-toothed dolphin show are extremely charming and funny. The show introduces its audience to the world of “sea lion breakdancing”; an array of hand-clapping, kissing, and a plethora of other behaviors associated with sea animals. Many folks come to Gulf World to see the dolphin, but end up staying for the sea lions.

Feathers and Friends

The Feathers and Friends show is an eclectic show that is a must at the Gulf Marine. The show, consisting of birds, cats, dogs, and reptiles, are all adopted animals saved by the Gulf World Marine, giving them a chance at a new life. Not only is it a fun show for all guests to watch, but all guests are encouraged to come and interact on stage with the animals. It is a fun show for everyone in your family.

Little girl swimming with dolphin at Gulf World Marine Park in Florida

Swim with the Dolphin

A dolphin swim is one of the best Panama City attractions available for kids. Visitors can ride the dolphin as they raise you above the water surface by pushing you from the soles of your feet. It’s a surreal experience, to say the least. On top of this, the dolphin will eat from your hands, and even shake your hands throughout your time with them. Visit their website to get all of the information you will need on rates, rules and any additional information you may need prior to your dolphin swimming excursion.


Last but certainly not least, check out the stingray feeding opportunities. At around $5 a feeding, the experience of the stingray feeding in most definitely worthwhile opportunity for everyone involved!

Panama City Beach, Florida, is a fun vacation destination for everyone. Whether it is golfing, beaches, surfing or bird watching, there is something for everyone near our 3 bedroom rentals. Every trip, however, must have a visit to the Gulf World Marine. With shows consisting of the bottlenose dolphin, sea lions, reptiles and dolphin rides, there is so much to do. It is not only a very fun experience for everyone in your crew, but it is also a fantastic way to learn the natural ecosystem that lives in the area. Since all of the animals have been adopted or rescued from precarious lives. The Gulf World Marine is a top destination when visiting Panama City Beach.