Panama City Tours and Rentals

Sure, you can begin walking around Panama City and its beach sides, on the lookout for cool things to do and see. But where’s the spectacle? Where’s the thrill?

We recommend a tour- and not just any tour. A Panama City Beach tour.

The city has an assortment of exciting ways to enjoy the beaches, the water, and the city sights. We take a look at the most interesting tours you can take and why they make for such fun and interesting family-friendly activities in Panama City Beach.

The most interesting tours you can take on your Panama City Beach vacation

Kayaking Tours and Rentals

What better way to see Panama City than by the water? Kayaking has a very minimal environmental impact. It is easy to do and possible for virtually all ages. It takes very little skill- just a little teamwork if you go tandem.

In short, kayaking is a blast.

Kayaking also provides options. Some guests prefer a guided tour so they know exactly where they are going. Guided tours offer local information, and the tour leader can point out different wildlife. Others prefer an ambitious free trip wherever their heart is pulling them. You can kayak in the open gulf or in the intricate waters of the local waterways, like Econfina or Holmes Creek.

Kayaking tours are plentiful and varied. You can go on an independent kayak journey to Shell Island if you feel really confident about your skills. Simply rent a kayak. Some providers will drop it off right to your rental.

Coldwater Excursions offers guided tours along the Econfina Creek, and Panama City Paddleboards specializes in a variety of different types of trips. There are many different ways you can approach the sport of kayaking, and it all depends on where you want to go, how, and when. You can rent kayaks from Custom Kayaks as well as Bay Point Water Sports, among others.

Catamaran Tours

Catamaran Charter Panama is the leading provider for epic catamaran tours for any group size up to about eight, any age mix, and any level of comfort. It’s pretty straightforward. You and your crew contact the staff and let them know where you want to go. They can provide additional amenities, like swimming gear or food, upon request. You can cruise the open gulf or sit stationary out in the waters and swim. You set the tone for your tour by catamaran.

Similarly, you can also find sailboat tours and other adventures. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Panama City is Shell Island. Shell Island Boat Rentals offers motorized trips to the island, with options to upgrade to an executive pontoon.

A dolphin jet ski tour is unique in that you are usually in a group of five or more different jet ski riders

Dolphin Tours and Jet Skis

Dolphins are fast, but jet skis can keep up. Many people want nothing more than to see the local dolphin. Special dolphin tours are available with any of the above boat types and tours, but we recommend a jet ski. A jet ski tour is unique in that you are usually in a group of five or more different jet ski riders. You have sole control of your craft. Tours are fast and frantic, giving you that thrill of rushing over the water.

Two top local providers for jet ski dolphin tours are Adventures at Sea and AAA Jet Ski Rentals. Both stay primarily in the open Gulf waters. Reservations are required and tour times are set on a schedule.

Bike Rentals

How about fun things in Panama City Beach, Florida on land?

While all the tours and rental options above manage to get you in the water, you don’t always need to get your feet wet. We highly recommend biking. Two amazing local bike rental services are Bike the Beach PCB and Barleys. Both have a variety of items to choose from.

As you can see, we love the different ways you can enjoy Panama City Beach. Book one of our vacation rentals near Panama City today and experience them all.

3 Fun Family Activities Near Panama City

What are some of the most exciting and interesting things to do in Panama City? As you traverse its stunning beaches and check out its top-grade restaurants, you can find a whole world of possibilities, including thrilling beach-going activities, and top attractions. We’ve highlighted a few places to go on your journey while you visit Panama City Beach.

you can find a whole world of possibilities, including thrilling beach-going activities, and top attractions. We’ve highlighted a few places to go on your journey while you visit Panama City Beach.

See the Marine Life at Gulf World

Gulf World is a celebration of anything that lives and thrives in the Gulf of Mexico. The park displays some of the boldest and most beautiful animals to frolic, feed, and entertain.

Shows are daily, so you can come by any time during opening hours and expect to see something special. The shows feature reptiles, tropical birds, and sea lions. The centerpiece show is the dolphin extravaganza. This alone makes Gulf World one of the most memorable family-friendly activities in Panama City Beach.

Gulf World elevates the experience by including all shows in the price of admission. You won’t have to buy separate tickets for each show, which can add up quickly. General admission is $26.99 online and $19.99 for children ages 5 to 11. Aside from the shows, you can have an amazing time in the exhibit gardens. Just keep a lookout for penguins and sea turtles.

Oh, and there may even be a gator or two lurking by the shallow waters.

A Day at the Beach

For top places to go, you can’t get far without mentioning the beautiful beaches. While you can always just go and swim at your leisure, there are places to visit to offer a spin on the beach experience. Peddle Paddle is a perfect place to find affordable gear, including boogie boards and surfboards, among others. The shop offers rentals on some as well as purchases. Mr. Bill’s Fishing Kayak Rentals is your stop for canoe and kayak rentals.

The beach is welcoming for all, from the youngest kids figuring out what sand is to the grandparents who can take their time lounging out under the sun and admiring the view.

you can find a whole world of possibilities, including thrilling beach-going activities, and top attractions. We’ve highlighted a few places to go on your journey while you visit Panama City Beach.

St. Andrews State Park

This 1,200-acre park has everything you could possibly ask for in a natural escape. St. Andrews State Park has hiking trails, bike paths, boardwalk climbing, picnic areas, beach access, and more make this the top place to visit for an authentic natural experience. Providers offer snorkeling gear for rent, and bikes are often available.

Biking is allowed in almost all areas. Because of this flexibility, you can choose where you want to bike and what kind of challenge you want. Do you feel more comfortable on the open sands or in the bike paths? Bike at your own pace. Both Bike the Beach PCB and Barley’s are reliable options. You can also request bike delivery to one of the Panama City vacation rentals.

So you added Gulf World Marine Park, St. Andrews, and Panama City Beach to your list. But don’t forget Coconut Creek Family Park, the Science and Discovery Center, the Panama City Center for the Arts and more.

Many hours can be spent on the water and by the sand in Panama City Beach. This is a vacation experience that can be appreciated by all ages. The city has accommodated families who want some close encounters with the marine life, some time to exercise and go on an adventure, or space to lounge out right outside some spectacular Panama City Beach vacation rentals. You can stay local or venture out to see all the sights. Make the vacation your own.

Panama City Beach is bold, incredible, lively during the day and thrilling at night. It’s a city that has embraced all the best aspects of Florida living.

Romantic Trips to Panama City

Though Panama City Beach may be renowned for its spring break festivities, the attitude toward the town has shifted dramatically. Once a college spring break escape town, it has now evolved to incorporate things to do couples seeking relaxing and intimate escapes on the beach or adventurous trips in and around the city.

Couples are flocking to the shores of Panama City for some classic “fun in the sun” during their seasonal escape. You get plenty of it, and more, as you navigate the possibilities. Below we look at the best things to do on your trip, including cruise tours through the gulf and romantic dining experiences with the sunset as your background.

Couples are flocking to the shores of Panama City for some classic “fun in the sun” during their seasonal escape. Look at the best things to do on your trip, including cruise tours and romantic dining experiences with the sunset as your background.

The Nature

You will undoubtedly want to soak in the natural vistas of Panama City. Hope on over beachside and spend some time at St. Andrews State Park. You can simply walk, hands held tight, up and down its beach paths, taking a trek along the boardwalk to Gator Lake. There’s also a variety of places to snorkel and swimmers can be found nestled up in some of the hidden cove beach areas along the park.

There are 1,200 acres to explore, so you are bound to find a quiet area to relax. St. Andrews State Park, whether exploring without a plan or heading on a mission, is one of the most instantly romantic trips you can take by Panama City.

Cruise to Shell Island

You can really get off the beaten path with a romantic journey to Shell Island. Take a cruise boat to the furthest fringes of Panama City Beach. Before you cruise on over to Shell Island proper, you can also find lots of romantic things to do in the take-off area to the island. You depart from the northwestern half of Shell Island State Park, which is still connected to Panama City Beach. Here you can go on snorkel tours or rent a pontoon.

Shell Island is famous for its brilliantly-bright sandy beaches and its turquoise waters. While you may take the Shell Island Shuttle over with a group, you have plenty of space to spread out and find a cozy little spot under the sun.

Couples are flocking to the shores of Panama City for some classic “fun in the sun” during their seasonal escape. Look at the best things to do on your trip, including cruise tours and romantic dining experiences with the sunset as your background.

Sunset Cruises

A sunset cruise is, without a doubt, the quintessential romantic thing to do. They come in different flavors. You can book a small-group cruise during sunset and just explore the waterways of the region. You can also opt for a fine dining experience, with luxury ambiance and incredible food, as the sun settles for the day. Dolphin cruises are also romantic. You scour the waters and try to attract dolphin to jump and follow in the wake. You can even go on a sailboat adventure.

Sunset Cruises make for an incredible and romantic trip. You have a wide selection of options, from the sailing journeys of Island Time to the dolphin-oriented trips of Dolphin and Snorkel Tours. You can even sign up for a sunset pirate cruise with the Sea Dragon, though we can’t vouch for its air of romance!

Romantic Dining

Panama City has some excellent romantic restaurants. Hop on into the city for a stop at g. Foley’s upscale eatery. The menu is drenched in exquisite fine dining selections, and the moody atmosphere sets the right kind of romantic tone.

Firefly is one of the most acclaimed eateries in Panama City Beach. Its outdoor and beachfront ambiance is impossible to ignore, as you soak in the moonlight with a glass of wine.

Don’t forget a romantic place to call home. We have vacation accommodations available for you to have a dizzying and romantic getaway. Explore our listings of Panama City vacation rentals today. We offer many vacation rentals near Panama City Beach, so you can enjoy the beach life while still staying close to the city sights and sounds.

Family-Friendly Things to Do Near Panama City Beach

Panama City is the perfect place to have a family vacation. You’ll find delicious restaurants, fun and educational museums, intriguing outdoor attractions, and so much more for your entire crew to enjoy.

Party city or not, below are some exciting family-friendly activities in Panama City Beach.

Family friendly activities Panama City Beach

Thomas Donut and Snack Shop

If the name doesn’t have your mouth watering already, seeing Thomas Donut and Snack Shop in person will do the trick. They’ve put fun twists on your favorite classic meals, like the grilled chicken sandwich with avocado or the shrimp melt. Kids will love their all-beef hot dogs, pizzas, and, of course, donuts! They also serve breakfast until 11 a.m., so you can stop in all day long for a delicious meal.

While this stop is certainly a café, you can feed the whole party while also having fun. It’s the kind of place everyone can get a little something out of. But don’t quit here, there are plenty more restaurants in the area to try!

Shipwreck Island Waterpark

Patrons from 2 to 102 have been enjoying Shipwreck Island Waterpark for the past 35 years. The 20-acre park is home to attractions like the Tree Top Drop, the White Knuckle River, and the Raging Rapids. Younger visitors will love the Tadpole Hole with its tipping bucket and slides in the shallow water. Just want to relax? Go for the lazy river or wave pool. Shipwreck also has a huge concession stand to suit everyone’s taste. You can even plan a birthday party here to celebrate with your little one!

If you are looking far and wide for the best fun things in Panama City Beach Florida, you have found the answer.

David’s New Orleans Style Sno-Balls

All beach vacations to Panama City Beach can be improved with a stop for a sno-ball. What better treat on a hot Florida day than a snow cone? David’s puts a unique twist on the classic treat, with flavors like key lime and red velvet. Their “stuffed” sno-balls can’t be missed!

True to the name, David’s also serves New Orleans treats like beignets and po-boys. They’re open daily and make the most welcoming place to grab a quick lunch with the family.

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise

Spend two glorious hours on the high seas under the watchful eye of Captain “Fearless” Phil. You’ll get to experience the breathtaking waters of St. Andrew’s Bay while looking out for local wildlife like birds and dolphins. Your kids will have a blast finding treasure, sword fighting, getting pirate “tattoos,” and swabbing the deck. This cruise is truly fun for the whole family.

Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf

Mini golf is the quintessential family activity, and Pirate’s Island does it right. You’ll putt through caves and near waterfalls to complete the course, and you’ll feel just like Captain Kidd or Blackbeard as you explore the pirate goodies. The facilities are always clean, and the staff is friendly and happy to help. It’s no question why this location has received TripAdvisor’s “Certificate of Excellence” 5 years running!

Panama City can be the perfect place for your family getaway or couples golf retreat. Contact us today to discuss rental options. We have a wide selection of vacation rentals near Panama City Beach for you. Don’t miss out on a trip with the whole crew, old and young, short and tall alike.

No matter how big or small your party and your budget, we have a premium property to match. We can also give more recommendations for family-friendly activities in the area, so each and every person has the best vacation yet!

Explore Panama City History

Panama City is one of Florida’s most popular tourist spots thanks to its sunny beaches and countless seasonal events. What eludes most people, however, is the rich history of this city. The interesting background of the area lends itself to some incredible attractions, and at our luxury rental properties, you’re never far from the action.

History of Panama City Beach


The area of Panama City was founded by loyalists during the Revolutionary War. They utilized the land to grow indigo and to develop prosperous industries, like naval stores and lumbering. Later, during the Civil War, the fishing village of St. Andrew (which would later merge with another town to become today’s Panama City) housed fisheries and saltworks that were destroyed by the Union. It truly hit its stride in World War II, when the population boomed thanks to the increase in industrialism.

Before it became known as Panama City, this area went by several names: Floriopolis, Park Resort, and Harrison. The moniker we know today wasn’t put in place until 1906, and the city became officially incorporated in 1909.

George Mortimer West is credited with the name. He wanted to spur more real estate in the county, and people were interested in the area thanks to the Panama Canal. If a line was drawn from Chicago to Panama, this city was right on the pathway, hence the name Panama City. The city was also the US mainland’s closest port to the Panama Canal’s Caribbean entrance.

Historical Attractions

As you can imagine, a city with such rich history has a multitude of educational and fun attractions. You can find many family-friendly activities in Panama City Beach that celebrate its history.

The first place to check out is Historic St. Andrews. The community has a free guided walking tour that leads you throughout the town and lets you in on all the historical locations. You can also take a self-guided audio tour.

While here, you should also check out the Panama City Publishing Museum. The attraction was built by George Mortimer West himself and was home to the city’s first newspaper. You can observe original equipment, photos, newspapers, and more. Admission is free for the whole family. History enthusiasts will love this break from the many sun-soaked outside fun things to do in Panama City Beach Florida.

For a wider look at the area, visit the Bay County Historical Museum. Free of charge and open three days a week, this museum has been preserving and displaying historical documents and items for over 75 years. They also host a regular lecture series from September to May.

One more fun historical site is the Robert Lee McKenzie House. Robert Lee Mackenzie was Panama City’s first mayor and was a state representative. He’s most well-known for putting together the Gulf Coast Development Company, pushing the city to become the coastal center it is today.

Places to Stay

There’s so much to do and see in Panama City, and our rentals are conveniently located to put you right in the heart of things. We have vacation properties to fit any budget or party size, and you’ll never be far from your next activity.

Contact us today to secure your booking. We love to share our vacation rentals near Panama City Beach for you and your whole family. A beach vacation to Panama City Beach is better when you stay in one of our waterfront rentals.

Best Places to See and Be in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a long-established vacation spot for visitors, both American and international. Panama City is unique in that it offers miles of pristine beach alongside a city with plenty of activities and amenities.

From hanging out the local pier to hiking at a state park to a day at the aquarium, you won’t be short of things to do on your next trip to the beach.

Here are a few of the best 2019 Panama City places to be and things to do:

Panama Beach City Things to Do

Pier Park

Pier Park is a community hub built around a 1,500-foot pier in the heart of Panama City Beach.

The park features a shopping complex with more than 120 stores, a town, center, and a boardwalk – the perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing and shopping with an ice cream cone.

Opened in 2008, the park quickly became a favorite hangout among locals and visitors alike – and a place for vacationers to pick up anything they might have left at home. Perhaps the best part of Pier Park is the Grand IMAX theatre, which streams everything from new releases to documentaries.

Whether for a casual afternoon stroll or the annual New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop, this is one of the best 2019 Panama City places to be.

Shipwreck Island Water Park

This waterpark is one of the best things to do for families at Panama City Beach.

Youngsters will enjoy Tadpole Hole, a shallow splash pool full of giant creatures and miniature slides. This is both a fun and safe place for little kids to play.

Older kids and adults will enjoy the Pirate’s Plunge, two 60-foot, parallel waterslides that plunge to the finish line – first one to the bottom wins! Or, twist and turn in a multi-person tube down the White Knuckle River. The Lazy River, Wave Pool, and the Raging Rapids are fun for the whole family.

Shipwreck Island is located at 12201 Hutchison Blvd. off of Middle Beach Road.

St. Andrews State Park

Come see this stunning state park at the tip of the arm, featuring two miles of pristine white-sand beach surrounded by turquoise waters.

Hop on our bike and ride the paved trails through this beautiful park. Or, hike one of its marked trails. If you prefer the surf, you can rent a kayak, canoe, or snorkel gear on-site, and head to the water.

The park also offers concession stands with snacks and souvenirs, as well as fishing gear so you can attempt to reel in some Florida swimmers. From St. Andrews, you can take a shuttle boat to Shell Island, an undeveloped barrier island off the coast.

The park is located at the very end of Panama City Beach and costs $8 per vehicle to enter. It is open daily from 8 a.m. to sundown.

Gulf World

A must-visit for families vacationing in Panama City Beach, Gulf World offers a look into the marine life of the surrounding Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

Daily events include bottlenose dolphin, sea lion, and bird shows, as well as stingray, shark, and turtle feedings.

Older children and adults can get up close and personal with sea lions, seals, and dolphins with Gulf World’s interactive programs. Remember to reserve ahead of time for in-water and interactive experiences.

Have a budding marine biologist in the family? Sign them up to be a trainer for the day. They can help prepare meals and training sessions, and even appear on-stage at the Dolphin Show.

Be sure to visit the tortoise and alligator habitats, as well as the tropical gardens, before you leave. Gulf World is located at 15412 Front Beach Rd. in Panama City Beach, and is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, excluding major holidays.

Come See Us

Panama City Beach has so many things to do for one day that you’ll need to squeeze in a good night’s sleep for the next huge day. Book one of The Dunes’ rentals, just a few breezy steps from the beach, so you can enjoy both proximity to the water and a central location to the area’s attractions. To reserve today, check out our rentals online or call us at 800-874-2412.

New Years Events in Panama City Beach

About 40,000 people head to Panama City Beach for New Year’s – an impressive number given its small population size of 12,000. This is both good for the local economy and for visitors who spend their holidays at the many Panama City Beach vacation rentals and hotels. This normally quiet beach town quickly shifts into “party mode” with the influx of people.

Whether you want to be at the heart of the action – the Beach Ball Drop – or a laid-back bar with a view of the fireworks, we can guarantee you’ll have a blast at Panama City New Year’s Eve events and parties this year.

Panama City Beach New Years Events and Fireworks

Beach Ball Drop

This is one time where you do want to drop the ball – or watch one drop, at least.

Panama City Beach New Year’s Eve event has two ball drops to accommodate early-to-bedders and partiers alike. Families with young kids can come for the 8 p.m. ball drop, where thousands of beach balls are dropped from a palm tree-height net above, starting a giant, free-for-all volleyball game below. Colorful fireworks set off from the pier decorate the newly-dark sky.

As the crowd counts down, a giant glowing beach ball is lowering signaling the new calendar year as the clock strikes midnight. Another round of fireworks graces the sky, capping off an exciting Panama City New Year’s.

Streets of Pier Park are closed to traffic for the celebration. Visitors can expect free live music, entertainment, food, and drink. This is a Panama City New Year’s event you don’t want to miss.

The pier is located at 600 Pier Park Dr.

Schooner’s New Year’s Eve Party

Celebrate with your toes in the sand at Schooner’s Beach Club this December 31st.

Schooner’s is fun all the time, but it pulls out all the stops for New Year’s Eve – the manager’s favorite worknight of the year. One of the best events in the area, this bar and restaurant plays host to a bumping party with live music right on the beach, and a spectacular display of fireworks right at the water’s edge. Sip champagne as you watch the sky light up in reds, blues, and greens.

While some people get fancy – sequins, boas, and a few golden top hats are all welcome – jeans and a nice shirt are also acceptable. There are no rules at Schooner’s on New Year’s Eve.

Sandpiper Tiki Bar

Located at the Sandpiper Resort, this beachfront restaurant and bar is open to the public, and a fantastic place to spend New Year’s Eve.

Sip fruity tropical drinks in the warm ocean breeze until the countdown – a great place to relax on the most exciting night of the year. Tiki Bar serves a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcohol drinks – something for the whole family.

Enjoy classic party songs from a live band leading up to the countdown, and a stunning view of the fireworks at the nearby Pier. Perhaps the more unique part is the on-site deli open all night for sandwiches and other snacks.

The Tiki Bar is located at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort at 17403 Front Beach Rd.

Movie Marathon at The Hub

Film buffs will love this alternative NYE event.

Starting in the late afternoon, popular restaurant and venue The Hub will screen film after film until the midnight countdown. The Hub is located at 7000 E County Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, about 40 minutes from Panama City.

Here at The Dunes we offer a family-friendly environment with stunning two- and three-bedroom suites overlooking 1,500 feet of white-sand beach. Panama City Beach is the perfect place to spend the holidays with family and friends, and we can help you make the most of it. After a Panama City New Year’s full of dancing, you’ll want somewhere comfortable and cozy to put up your feet.

For information and reservations, give us a call at 800-874-2412. View available rooms on our website and book directly today.

Panama City Boat And Fishing Charters

Panama City, PCB and the surrounding areas of the Florida panhandle are premier locations for anyone who loves spending time near the water. From heading out in a boat onto the waters, to fishing adventures and more, there’s something for water lovers all over this jaw-dropping area.

Dunes of Panama - Charter Fishing

Boat Charters

One of the best ways to see all of the beauties that the Panama City area has to offer is by getting right out onto the water. Most people, while vacationing, will want to rent a boat or head out on a charter.

This is a great idea for anyone who loves to be outdoors and on the water to try during his or her stay here. There are many options for Panama City charters, so we’ve selected some of the best ones in the area to make your decision easier.

Island Time Sailing Cruises is a good company to book a boat charter with if you’re with a bigger group or on a large family getaway. Spend the day out on the water with the knowledgeable and trained staff to get an experience you won’t soon forget.

You’ll have the chance to see dolphins playing in the sparkling waters of Panama City and even have the opportunity to do some snorkeling if you choose to. There is a bar and some food options on board to fill you up as you spend the afternoon exploring the local waters.


If you’re looking for a boating experience that is more sporting related, why not try some Panama City deep sea fishing?

Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a beginner, there are options for everyone to try out this fun activity. Try some of the companies that specialize in this sport and you’ll be well on your way to exploring Panama City like one of the locals.

Jubilee Deep Sea Fishing is just one of the Panama City deep sea fishing charters that will take you out into the waters to search for the catch of the day. Many of the trips you can book are hours long, but it is up to you how much time you want to spend fishing.

This is a wonderful company to book with if you have a mixture of experienced fisherman and beginners, and can even be a good time for people who don’t want to fish and are just along for the ride. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful blue waves, see some dolphins in the area, and of course, catch some fish.

There is a variety of fish including triggerfish, vermillion snapper, ladyfish and more to try and get on your line. You can even get the fish you catch cleaned and filleted to pick up and eat the very next day!

Captain Black’s Fishing is another fantastic option for deep sea fishing. This is fishing in Panama City in more of the traditional sense. Captain Black knows all the best spots.

With his years of experience, he has cultivated some clever tricks and unique fishing strategies. Some people have noted catching more than a hundred fish in just one trip with Captain Black. You’ll have the chance to catch red snapper, Bonita fish, and more.

More Options

There are so many awesome options for Panama City boat charters and fishing trips that are must tries during your vacation here. Make sure to add one of these wonderful water activities to your list of things to do during your trip.

All the companies above are great options, but if you’re looking for something else reach out to our staff any time. The water is one of the premiere features for spending time in Panama City, and choosing one of our Panama City Beach vacation rentals will put you in a prime spot to enjoy it all. Browse the vacation rentals on our website today to book your next home away from home.

Panama City Beach Thanksgiving Events

Some people are hesitant to head on vacation during the holidays. But when you’re planning a trip to Panama City during Thanksgiving, you’ll still have lots of chances to enjoy the tradition.

While some events have been changed for the season this year, there is still a distinct desire to celebrate the holiday season with spirited energy.

Some top-tier restaurants are offering big Thanksgiving meals and Santa is still expected to make an appearance- or two. You’ll find something for everyone as you explore the options for a Panama City Thanksgiving.

Dunes of Panama - Thanksgiving Events

Harpoon Harry’s

At harpoon Harry’s, the food and eating is an event in itself. Every year, Harpoon Harry’s is known for hosting a traditional Thanksgiving Buffet, along with an all you can eat crab legs and shrimp section. Bring the family along to celebrate one of the most wonderful times of the year at one of Panama City Beach’s favorite local spots.

Make this holiday season a unique one by celebrating in true Panama City Thanksgiving tradition. The cost is about $35 and the buffet runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Reservations are encouraged.

Schooner’s Beach Party

This popular Panama City restaurant is known for having a local party out on the beach on Friday and Saturday night right after Thanksgiving. They have live music, a bonfire, bar, s’mores, and all sorts of fun beach activities happening behind the restaurant. It’s definitely an interesting way to spend the holiday weekend.

Beach Home for the Holidays

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, head to Panama City Beach to kick off the rest of the holiday season. The whole event is based around Aaron Bessant Park and will truly get you into the spirit of the season.

On Friday, November 23 and Saturday, November 24, there are activities from 3:30 p.m. through the evening. On both Friday and Saturday, soak in the ambiance of a campfire, s’mores, and Santa’s Village starting at 3:30 p.m.

On Friday, enjoy holiday entertainment and the lighting of the Christmas tree at 5 p.m., accompanied by one of the area’s PCB parades (details not yet announced). At the same time on Saturday, the Panama City POPS Orchestra will perform. On both evenings, fireworks start at 7:30 p.m. making this a wonderful event for all ages.

Other Events and Activities

In addition to these scheduled events and activities, there are other fantastic options to fill your days during your trip to Panama City and PCB during the Thanksgiving season. Play a round of golf at one of the many premier courses in the area, show at Pier Park, walk the pier, or even try your hand at deep sea fishing.

From the shopping to the sight-seeing and all the food options, there will be something memorable for every member of the family to enjoy during your Thanksgiving getaway to Panama City and the surrounding areas.

In addition to the options for events above, there are also several restaurants open in the area to serve Thanksgiving dinner. Some are buffets, menu items, or even potlucks—and our staff can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s one of these special local events you plan to head to or you are looking for something different than you see here, our staff can definitely help you.

More To Do

Even though Panama City is known for summer beach getaways, there’s still plenty of room to enjoy those things during the Thanksgiving and holiday season as well. Get ready to spend your holiday on vacation and pick out your perfect vacation rental online today.

Restaurants With a View in Panama City Beach

Unlike other major tourist destinations that settle down during the fall, Panama City lights up. With some of Florida’s best attractions and most beautiful beaches, there are plenty of places to eat and things to do throughout the fall season.

What if you want to dine with a water view? You won’t find that feature tucked away in a mountain cabin. Panama City Beach is the perfect place to snack on some famous Florida seafood and enjoy bold views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Below are four fall restaurants in Panama City with a nice water view for you and whoever is lucky enough to join you.

Dunes of Panama - Restaurants

Shrimp Boat Restaurant

Romantics can stop reading here. For that quintessential waterside romantic getaway, look no further than the Shrimp Boat Restaurant. It’s electric ambiance and candlelight dinner setting is the ideal backdrop for a night by the water. The interior is magically lit, and the light flows gracefully over the gulf.

Enjoy a menu with exclusively-local and fresh ingredients. Open up your dinner with lobster nachos, crawfish beignets, or fried okra. Follow it up with snow crab legs, flounder, or bacon-wrapped scallops.

This massive two-story shrimp house is a sight to behold. Take a walk around the building after dinner to really soak the wonderful ambiance in. The Shrimp Boat Restaurant is a stunning waterfront achievement structurally and menu-wise. It is located at 1201 Beck Ave, Panama City, FL 32401 and open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Bayou Joe’s

On the other side of the spectrum, you have perhaps the most laid-back and cool joint in the area. Bayou Joe’s rests you right on Massalina Bayou.

Watch as the boats settle on up or cruise on by the marina. You will take a seat right on the dock, with water views in every direction (the website touts a clear 180-view of the water). This restaurant also offers underwater glow lights from Deep Glow Technologies that allow you to see the fish and underwater life swimming around under the dock at night!

Enjoy some good ol’ southern comfort food while watching, including the Garbage Potatoes, Tom’s Trash with Class Omelet, or the Garbage Grits. If you really fall in love with some of the sauces used in the dishes as so many others have, take some home with you, as they sell them by the jar!

Bayou Joe’s wears its heart-on-its-sleeve. The team loves traditional breakfast, a cozy and casual décor, and a nice view. You get all of this in spades when you stop by during opening hours, Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday and Monday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

It is located at 112A East 3rd Court on Massalina Bayou, Panama City, FL 32401.

Just the Cook, off the Hook!

The sassy and funky joint could not be more by the water. As a matter of fact, you are on a houseboat restaurant. This offbeat and eccentric eatery is famous for its down-to-Earth selection of fresh seafood and classic American burgers. You won’t miss the ringed buoy sitting atop this small waterside shanty.

One of the more popular menu items is a donut burger. It is exactly as it sounds. With big sandwiches and fresh food, you have a delightful little spot with a view.

You can find this little seaboat at 4601 W US-98, Panama City, FL 32401.

Capt. Anderson’s Waterfront Restaurant and Marketplace

Capt. Anderson’s is unique in that it is a market where you can gather fresh fish yet also have an exquisite and calm waterfront dining experience. The team has managed to accomplish both very well, becoming one of the longest-standing seafood restaurants in Panama City.

This seafood stop is locally-famous. Order a wide assortment of seafood, including golden calamari, parmesan baked oysters, scallop provencal, for appetizers. Find whole fresh gulf flounder, oven broiled stuffed grouper and Florida lobster thermidor on the dinner menu.

Capt. Anderson’s boasts a brilliant view of the water and the local fleet bringing in the fresh catch of the day. It is located at 5551 N Lagoon Dr, Panama City, FL 32408. The hours are 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the week, and closed Sundays.

More To Do and See

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