Biking in Panama City

Resting right along the Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach is home to subtle wetlands, maritime woodlands, vibrant wildlife, and sprawling beaches.

The community embraces a real Floridian lifestyle by adopting a bike-friendly atmosphere. This includes bike paths along the major streets like Thomas Drive and Front Beach Road, the beaches (with a special beach cruiser bike), and multiple dedicated paved and mountain cycling trails.

Forget a rental vehicle (at least for some part of the vacation) if you can manage it. It is expensive and cumbersome, especially when you have the alternative of seamlessly gliding in and around the sights of your beachfront Panama City Beach rental.

Panama City Beach is extremely bike-friendly. Spacious biking trails line the major streets, and biking is allowed on virtually any beach area. This includes the private beach area outside the Dunes of Panama beachfront Panama City Beach rentals. Cruiser bikes with special tires can be rented to make sure you glide over the sands smoothly.

Dunes of Panama - Beach Bike

Where are the Biking Paths?

There are at least a few major dedicated Panama City Beach biking trails, and even more, if you get creative with your adventuring.

Gayle’s Trails

Gayle’s Trails are a group of linear paved trails that begin at Frank Brown Park and head up to the massive Panama City Beach Conservation Park (6200 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, FL). Gayle’s Trails offer cyclists the choice of three routes with a round trip of up to 19.5 miles. Gayle’s Trails are part of a growing network of bike trails in Panama City Beach.

Conservation Park

Conservation Park (100 Conservation Drive, Panama City Beach, FL) is also a rewarding place to traverse on bike or foot once you arrive, with wide hiking trails and an incredible 24 mile off road mountain bike trail. You’ll find a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation here and can easily spend several hours, with hours of operation going from dawn to dusk.

The Watersound Trail

The Watersound Trail (530 Pathways Dr, Panama City Beach, FL) is a new 5-mile trail which connects the Watersound Origins community to Conservation Park. This old logging road biking journey carries you through gorgeous cypress domes, scattered wetlands, and blooming purple Liatris flowers during the fall. The 5-mile trail doesn’t take much time to complete and offers bountiful natural views at every turn.

The extensive biking trails of Panama City Beach are always evolving and growing. What began as a few straightforward bike paths in city streets has grown to incorporate parking rest stops, dedicated picnic areas, clubhouses on Watersound Trail, and scenic boardwalk pathways into natural areas. The paths continue to expand to give you full access to different terrains and territories of this beachside city escape.

With traffic being minimal during early morning hours, even the streets are very bikeable, including both Front Beach Road and Thomas Drive which have dedicated bike paths much of the way.

Where Can You Rent a Bike on Panama City Beach?

You can rent a bike from nearly every corner by the beach. Rental providers offer cruiser rentals, family-friendly equipment, high-end mountain bikes, and other accessories as needed. You can find a whole new list of things to do just by visiting a few of the major rental providers in the city, and they often offer equipment rental for other sports.
Below are three main city providers that offer rental opportunities.

Bike the Beach PCB

Location: 15812 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32413
Bike the Beach PCB caters to the family audience looking for something simple and affordable as they cruise the soft sands. Rentals include trikes, kid bikes, cruisers, and carrier for a pet or young child. Rates vary but average about $10 a day or $55 for a week.
The team at Bike the Beach PCB can also guide you to the closest bike trails and other tips for families. You can find them open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Barley’s Bike Rentals

Location: 169 Griffin Blvd #113, Panama City Beach, FL 32413
Barley’s Bike Rentals is popular for their thorough biking knowledge and stock of many top brands. If you want a bike built to endure the longer biking paths and tough trail conditions, Barley’s can get you set up right.
They are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The rentals vary from mountain bikes to trikes and beach cruisers.

Peddlers 30A

Location: 10343 E County Hwy 30A #115, Panama City Beach, FL 32413
This bike rental provider is open a little late, so you can rent a bike for a late trip along the quiet north side of Panama City Beach. Weekend deliveries are also available. Visit Peddlers 30A from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Our Panama City Beach vacation rentals are located in one of the most exclusive areas, offering unique access to the beach for biking when you wish, as well as several nearby trails.

Our resort is family-oriented, with spectacular views and close proximity to the city attractions. Enjoy a fitness room, tennis and basketball courts, private beach access, and more with our assortment of breathtaking beachfront Panama City Beach rentals. Explore the area by bike, over sand, streets, and biking trails. Give us a call today at 800-874-2412.