What to Do at the Conservation Park

Nature lovers book vacation rentals in Panama City Beach for a few reasons: beautiful beaches and Panama City Beach Parks and Recreation. Wildlife is one of the area’s key attractions, and one of the best locations to view wildlife is Conservation Park.

Conservation Park in PCB offers miles of great hiking trails, wetlands, a pine forest and great opportunities to watch wildlife.

If you’re a nature-enthusiast that wants to enjoy a day in the sun and going to the park to view all of the sights, Panama City Beach, Florida is a great option for you.

person hiking with walking sticks

Hike a Trail 

Grab your hiking boots (sneakers will work fine, too) and enjoy one of the many trails available. Hitting the trails is one of the best free things to do in Panama City Beach. There are a lot of short loops you can take, or you can opt to walk along:

  • Watersound Trail Head: A 5-mile trail that comes out to the Watersound Origins.
  • Green Trail: An easy 1.8-mile hiking trail ideal for walks with children.
  • Yellow Trail: A 4- or 6-mile trail that is a little more intense and optimal for teens and adults.
  • Blue Trail: Pack a lunch and walk the blue trail’s 5.2- or 6.5-mile paths.
  • Orange Trail: A 9.5-mile trail that goes along the border of the park.
  • Red Trail: An arduous trail that spans 11.2 miles and is ideal for more experienced hikers.

You’ll also find white trails that are shorter, and offer an opportunity to go off of the main trails and explore the area.

Conservation Park has more than 24 miles of trails and a mile of boardwalks. A total of 12 trails exist, with the shortest trail being a brisk 0.6 hike. If you’re up for a day-long trail and a lot of adventure, you’ll want to try the 11-mile trail.

Signage is available that will direct you to numerous ponds and additional trails. Buck Pond, Cypress Pond, and Dragonfly are all trails that you will want to explore.

Make sure to pack snacks or a picnic basket if you plan on tackling one of the longer trails available.

Plan Your Vacation

Panama City Beach is packed with fun activities to enjoy while enjoying your vacation. We have a great selection of vacation rentals to accommodate your stay.

Pack a Picnic

Conservation Park’s trails offer an opportunity for an all-day outing or a quick hour hike. If you plan on hiking the yellow, blue, orange or red trail, you’ll want to bring along either snacks or lunch. The red trail is eleven miles long, so be sure to bring some food and water with you if you plan on completing this trail.

Picnic tables, parking, and restrooms can be found at the Trail Head building.

You’ll find numerous spots to stop along the way and lay down a blanket for a picnic. Be cautious of wildlife in the area and try to stay away from the swamp areas when having a picnic.

Remember to pack lots of snacks and water.

alligator panama city beach

Look for Wildlife

Wildlife is in abundance in the area, but it really depends on what time of year you plan your visit. If you’re visiting during the time when prescribed burns take place (in the winter), you’ll find that it’s difficult to see wildlife.

Aside from this short time span, you’ll be able to go to the park seven days a week. Bring your binoculars, and even your dog, for the fun.

There are guided Audubon bird walks available to guests.

A few of the animals that people see at the park are:

  • Alligators
  • Multiple Bird Species
  • Wood Ducks
  • Lizards
  • Frogs
  • Snakes
  • Much more

Butterflies and an array of other insects can also be found around the park. Some park guests claim to have heard wild boars and pigs in the distance. You’ll find that the warmer months offer a better chance of seeing wildlife. You can also plan to go at different times of the day when wildlife is known to be in abundance on the trails.

Wildlife seems to be most prevalent in the morning before all of the trails are filled with people. You’ll want to pay special attention to the ponds where you can spot a lot of wildlife. Conservation Park is one of the most visited areas for anyone booking Panama City Beach vacation rentals. The park is clean, most of the trails are paved or well-maintained, and the bathrooms are very clean.