Catamarans, Kayaks, and Dolphins, Oh My!

Sure, you can begin walking around Panama City and its beach sides, on the lookout for cool things to do and see. But where’s the spectacle? Where’s the thrill?

We recommend a tour- and not just any tour. A Panama City Beach tour.

The city has an assortment of exciting ways to enjoy the beaches, the water, and the city sights. We take a look at the most interesting tours you can take and why they make for such fun and interesting family-friendly activities in Panama City Beach.

The most interesting tours you can take on your Panama City Beach vacation

Kayaking Tours and Rentals

What better way to see Panama City than by the water? Kayaking has a very minimal environmental impact. It is easy to do and possible for virtually all ages. It takes very little skill- just a little teamwork if you go tandem.

In short, kayaking is a blast.

Kayaking also provides options. Some guests prefer a guided tour so they know exactly where they are going. Guided tours offer local information, and the tour leader can point out different wildlife. Others prefer an ambitious free trip wherever their heart is pulling them. You can kayak in the open gulf or in the intricate waters of the local waterways, like Econfina or Holmes Creek.

Kayaking tours are plentiful and varied. You can go on an independent kayak journey to Shell Island if you feel really confident about your skills. Simply rent a kayak. Some providers will drop it off right to your rental.

Coldwater Excursions offers guided tours along the Econfina Creek, and Panama City Paddleboards specializes in a variety of different types of trips. There are many different ways you can approach the sport of kayaking, and it all depends on where you want to go, how, and when. You can rent kayaks from Custom Kayaks as well as Bay Point Water Sports, among others.

Catamaran Tours

Catamaran Charter Panama is the leading provider for epic catamaran tours for any group size up to about eight, any age mix, and any level of comfort. It’s pretty straightforward. You and your crew contact the staff and let them know where you want to go. They can provide additional amenities, like swimming gear or food, upon request. You can cruise the open gulf or sit stationary out in the waters and swim. You set the tone for your tour by catamaran.

Similarly, you can also find sailboat tours and other adventures. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Panama City is Shell Island. Shell Island Boat Rentals offers motorized trips to the island, with options to upgrade to an executive pontoon.

A dolphin jet ski tour is unique in that you are usually in a group of five or more different jet ski riders

Dolphin Tours and Jet Skis

Dolphins are fast, but jet skis can keep up. Many people want nothing more than to see the local dolphin. Special dolphin tours are available with any of the above boat types and tours, but we recommend a jet ski. A jet ski tour is unique in that you are usually in a group of five or more different jet ski riders. You have sole control of your craft. Tours are fast and frantic, giving you that thrill of rushing over the water.

Two top local providers for jet ski dolphin tours are Adventures at Sea and AAA Jet Ski Rentals. Both stay primarily in the open Gulf waters. Reservations are required and tour times are set on a schedule.

Bike Rentals

How about fun things in Panama City Beach, Florida on land?

While all the tours and rental options above manage to get you in the water, you don’t always need to get your feet wet. We highly recommend biking. Two amazing local bike rental services are Bike the Beach PCB and Barleys. Both have a variety of items to choose from.

As you can see, we love the different ways you can enjoy Panama City Beach. Book one of our vacation rentals near Panama City today and experience them all.