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Something For Everyone: Wine, Water, Shopping, and Shells

Where are all the fun things in Panama City Beach, Florida?

Look south and you see the water. Look north and you see the bridge to the city. Look west and east and you are surrounded by sensational beaches and a plethora of possibilities for fun things to do.

Come on over to Panama City Beach and see what the panhandle is all about. We compiled a list of our top places to see, featuring fun family-friendly activities in Panama City Beach and varied shopping.

What must you see and do when you visit Panama City?

Family friendly activities Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Winery

This winery is well-known for its sweet, fruity, and flavorful wine selections. Panama City Beach Winery specializes in tropical wines, giving you a wide palette of flavors to explore. The tiki bar is a warm and authentic place to try a variety of tropical variations. There are even frosted wine slushes; if you really want to experiment.

The wine tasting tour includes eight different wines.

Shipwreck Island

This tropical themed water park in Panama City Beach is delightful fun for the family. It is smaller than other water parks you may be aware of, but it is also more affordable. What Shipwreck Island lacks in size it makes up for in the variety of activities for kids. There’s so much to do and see. The Lazy River takes you through the bulk of the park, while the tadpole hole has all sorts of creatures to jump on- as water spits out the top!

You will be provided tubes for all the park activities; which require them. There are things to do for the youngest in the group (toddler park) teens (the slides) and even adults (the lazy river). It is a reliable good time for everyone.

Fun family-friendly activities in Panama City Beach to do on your vacation

Pier Park

A single paragraph could hardly do Pier Park justice. In short, Pier Park is a staggeringly big mega outdoor shopping mall, with 1.1 million square feet of specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries. There’s even a huge movie theatre. Some of the restaurants have live music and the courtyard area is great to just take a pause and plan your itinerary.

Pier Park is one of the most popular attractions in the area. You can find vacation rentals near Panama City Beach which are within a short drive of Pier Park. Spend your days checking out the awesome and shopping, mixed with chain places you know and local shops you can learn about.

Shell Island

You can’t miss out on Shell Island. Take a ferry trip over to this isolated state park. It is the most affordable authorized way to get to the island. You can also manage the trip by pontoon or your own boat if you have the gear for the journey.

Island is a great way to get away from the crowds, especially during peak travel season, and see some of nature, untapped and off-the-beaten-path. The island is famous for its rambunctious marine life, including hermit crabs, stingray, and dolphin. Since it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, marine life finds solace and a quiet place to relax.

Getting to the main part of Shell Island off the ferry is a bit of a haul, so be prepared for a modest walk. With that said, it is worth the trip.

There’s no end to the fun things in Panama City Beach, Florida. Don’t miss out on a surefire vacation destination. If you want to avoid the big spring and summer crowds this trip, consider a journey to much quieter and more relaxing shores of Panama City.