NYE’s Events and Best Places to Watch the Fireworks in Panama City Beach/Panama City

Panama City Beach is a showcase of beautiful coastlines and natural parks and attractions that rival the best of Florida vacationing. This New Year’s Eve is expected to be the biggest yet, with the recent additions to Pier Park and the celebratory fireworks that sizzle as the New Year rolls on in.

10,000 Beach Balls at Pier Park and 8pm Fireworks

Pier Park was established in 2008, and in its brief history, it has become one of the to-go places to enjoy the unique shopping, family activities, and holiday events. The recently-erected Celebration Tower has become the centerpiece for the area. Its 80-feet can’t be missed, and the New Year’s Eve celebration last year was its official debut to the world.

8pm, at Pier Park, 10,000 beach balls will drop from the Celebration Tower. A fireworks show will officially kick off the evening after the kids enjoy face painting and live music.

Music from the Barry Fish Band will begin at 5:30pm at Pier Park. Terry Brock & Friends will begin their set at 8:15pm immediately following the fireworks, while 12South will begin their musical set at 10pm.

It’s a full-on festival. Music, fireworks, and thousands of beach balls fall 80 feet from the sky and cover the area. Pier Park is located at 600 Pier Park Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32413.

Midnight Ball Drop at the Celebration Tower

Though the music kicks off at 5:30pm and the beach balls drop at 8pm, you may want to stay for the final countdown.

A $110,000 glowing LED-light beach ball will drop from the Celebration Tower to welcome 2018 right in the middle of Pier Park. This is the perfect way to make a full night out of the event, and if your kids are old enough to stay up late then it’s ideal for families as well.

But that is not all. The ball drop will coincide with another launch of fireworks. Visitors staying from 8pm for the beach ball drop to midnight for the tower ball drop and the second fireworks show will experience a triple-kick of excitement.

Club La Vela

You know you are in a fantastic location for the New Year when a drop of 10,000 beach balls from the sky is not easily the first choice for adults.
There are many other Panama City Beach NYE events, such as the party at Club La Vela. The club will be dropping balloons filled with thousands of dollars of cash and prizes at midnight.
Guests can order a pre-package which includes unlimited premium drinks from 8pm to 11pm. You may not get the greatest view of the fireworks, but you can enjoy money and prize filled balloons, and really, what’s better than that?

The club is located at 8813 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, FL 32408

A “Schooner’s” New Year’s Eve

Schooner’s is on the southern end of the island, about 20 minutes from Pier Park. But if you want to stay out the densest crowds for the holiday, you will have a lovely view of the fireworks falling over the Gulf as you sip some of the best cocktails in Florida from the comfort of a table surrounded by tiki-inspired décor.
Schooner’s will host their own fireworks presentation, so you won’t even have to strain your neck and eyes to see the Pier Park fireworks. It is, without a doubt, one of the best spots to see fireworks while avoiding the Pier Park traffic.

Schooner’s is located at 5121 Gulf Dr, Panama City, FL 32408.

Plenty to Do This New Year’s Eve on Panama City Beach

You can find plenty of dining on Panama City Beach where you can see the fireworks, especially if you want to stay at our conveniently located Panama City Beach vacation rentals.
But it’s the trifecta of the beach ball drop, the ball drop from Celebration Tower, and the fireworks that is possibly the most thrilling series of New Year’s events in the entire state.
Choose from any of the incredible above-mentioned events to guarantee a memorable time. If you have any questions about preparing for this year’s events or for vacation rental information, please call us today at 800-874-2412

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