Panama City Boat And Fishing Charters

Panama City, PCB and the surrounding areas of the Florida panhandle are premier locations for anyone who loves spending time near the water. From heading out in a boat onto the waters, to fishing adventures and more, there’s something for water lovers all over this jaw-dropping area.

Dunes of Panama - Charter Fishing

Boat Charters

One of the best ways to see all of the beauties that the Panama City area has to offer is by getting right out onto the water. Most people, while vacationing, will want to rent a boat or head out on a charter.

This is a great idea for anyone who loves to be outdoors and on the water to try during his or her stay here. There are many options for Panama City charters, so we’ve selected some of the best ones in the area to make your decision easier.

Island Time Sailing Cruises is a good company to book a boat charter with if you’re with a bigger group or on a large family getaway. Spend the day out on the water with the knowledgeable and trained staff to get an experience you won’t soon forget.

You’ll have the chance to see dolphins playing in the sparkling waters of Panama City and even have the opportunity to do some snorkeling if you choose to. There is a bar and some food options on board to fill you up as you spend the afternoon exploring the local waters.


If you’re looking for a boating experience that is more sporting related, why not try some Panama City deep sea fishing?

Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a beginner, there are options for everyone to try out this fun activity. Try some of the companies that specialize in this sport and you’ll be well on your way to exploring Panama City like one of the locals.

Jubilee Deep Sea Fishing is just one of the Panama City deep sea fishing charters that will take you out into the waters to search for the catch of the day. Many of the trips you can book are hours long, but it is up to you how much time you want to spend fishing.

This is a wonderful company to book with if you have a mixture of experienced fisherman and beginners, and can even be a good time for people who don’t want to fish and are just along for the ride. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful blue waves, see some dolphins in the area, and of course, catch some fish.

There is a variety of fish including triggerfish, vermillion snapper, ladyfish and more to try and get on your line. You can even get the fish you catch cleaned and filleted to pick up and eat the very next day!

Captain Black’s Fishing is another fantastic option for deep sea fishing. This is fishing in Panama City in more of the traditional sense. Captain Black knows all the best spots.

With his years of experience, he has cultivated some clever tricks and unique fishing strategies. Some people have noted catching more than a hundred fish in just one trip with Captain Black. You’ll have the chance to catch red snapper, Bonita fish, and more.

More Options

There are so many awesome options for Panama City boat charters and fishing trips that are must tries during your vacation here. Make sure to add one of these wonderful water activities to your list of things to do during your trip.

All the companies above are great options, but if you’re looking for something else reach out to our staff any time. The water is one of the premiere features for spending time in Panama City, and choosing one of our Panama City Beach vacation rentals will put you in a prime spot to enjoy it all. Browse the vacation rentals on our website today to book your next home away from home.